The Importance Of Maintaining Your AC Compressor

The compressor in your air conditioner is a crucial part of the unit. It is prudent to bear this in mind, for the following reasons:

  • It is a component that the unit can’t operate without.
  • It usually is dependable, and if it fails before its’ forecast lifespan (ten to fifteen years), it is probably because of an underlying, preventable issue.
  • If failure does occur, it is costly and occasionally impossible to repair.
  • In the same way that the heart pushes blood across the body, the job of the compressor is to pump compressed refrigerant gas through the unit so that it will get rid of humidity and heat from the atmosphere.

We have just explained why maintaining your AC compressor is so important. Next, let us look at the factors that can make the compressor fail and how to stop this from happening.

Issues That Result in a Malfunctioning Compressor

Once a compressor fails, it is typically because of an underlying problem that puts pressure on the unit. This is vital to note for a couple of reasons:

-Identifying and repairing the underlying problem will stop the compressor from failing
-Replacing a malfunctioning compressor, without fixing the underlying problem, will probably result in the new AC compressor failing too.

Here are the problems that generally cause compressors to fail:

1) Filthy coils

Once grime, mineral scales and dust accumulates on the condenser’s coil, it is impossible for the air conditioner to expel sufficient heat from the unit. This forces it to work overtime, attempting to keep your living space cool. The rise in temperature and stress can result in the compressor overheating and failing.

2) Suction lines that are clogged

Once the AC refrigerant lines get damaged or clogged, you will see that the system does not cool as efficiently. If the issue isn’t repaired, then the rise in temperature and stress will result in the system overheating and malfunctioning. This is when you should consider calling an AC repair Thornton CO professional.

3) The refrigerant charge is low

If cracks or holes appear in your unit’s refrigerant lines, the refrigerant will leak from the air conditioner. Eventually, the level will drop to a point where the compressor needs to work extremely hard, to send sufficient refrigerant through the unit to keep your living space cool. Ultimately, the stress can result in the compressor malfunctioning.

4) The suction line is the wrong size

If leaks develop in the refrigerant line and it needs replacing, ensure that you hire a knowledgeable AC engineer to do this. If the new line is too small or too big for your unit, it can result in premature failure.

5) Refrigerant overload

If your air conditioner is serviced by an under-qualified engineer, who puts the wrong kind of refrigerant – or too much of it – into your system, it can damage the compressor permanently.

6) Issues with the electrics

When the electrics fail, it causes acids to accumulate, resulting in major damage to other areas and the compressor itself. If your compressor fails, ensure that the engineer checks for these acids. Should he discover them, this means that the damage has been caused by an electric burnout and that the unit is probably beyond repair.

However, electric issues are usually simple to prevent, if a knowledgeable engineer examines your unit. He can identify and fix damaged fuses and wires before they disrupt the unit and make the AC compressor fail.

7) System contaminants

The intense pressure and heat inside an air conditioning unit, as well as the areas they are often installed in New York (in crawl spaces, on roofs and outside, etc.), allows many contaminants to enter the system and damage it. Examples include dampness, air, debris, acids, dirt, soot, leaves, and sometimes pest and bird droppings.

8) Insufficient oil lubricator

The oil lubricant in an air conditioner functions like blood in the human body. If there is a shortfall, the unit can not function correctly, and all manner of issues can arise, such as AC compressor malfunction. If your unit is serviced frequently by a knowledgeable AC engineer, he will monitor the levels of lubricant and the oil pump condition to counteract this issue.

Keep Your AC Compressor in Good Condition With Frequent Maintenance

By keeping your AC compressor in a good state of repair, you will be able to enjoy a comfortable living space, with dependable, consistent cooling. This means getting your air conditioning unit checked every six months by a trusted AC service firm. Always choose a firm, like Eco Air Heating & Cooling, that employs experienced engineers, with NATE or MSCA qualifications.